It’s Contagious; Protect Yourself

It’s that time of year. Protect yourself.

Everywhere you turn, people are coughing, sneezing, choking. It seems you can’t breathe; it seems you can’t get anything done.

Symptoms are everywhere. You’re waiting to hear. No one is calling. Business is stalling. Life is very full, but very unfulfilling!

It’s confusing. It’s frustrating. It’s…it’s like it’s contagious!   Excus-itis

And, it is contagious. More and more customers are frustrated, not getting value for their dollar. Employees are frustrated, feeling disengaged, unappreciated and disconnected.

Employers are beside themselves trying to deal with frustrated customers and disengaged employees.

And everyone has an excuse. Because, when you’re looking for an excuse, any excuse will do.

The cure is simple.

Start with any one of these three steps:

  • Step into your employees office and ask, “How’s it going?”
  • Pick up the phone, dial any one of your customers and ask, “How can we better meet your needs?”
  • Leaving your laptop and smart phone in another room, find your son, daughter or significant other, and/or good friend, and ask, “What’s important to you today?” (Note: And then, keep quiet.)

Do one of these, or better yet each one of these daily for 21 days. You’ll have a wonderful new habit. But best of all, your business will be blossoming, your relationships will be amazing, and you’ll have a deep sense of fulfillment.

And the best part: the cure is also contagious!

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