Mentoring & Coaching

1:1  Executive/Career CoachingRay Buttars Blacksuit torso  small

or simple life coaching, a.k.a., “finding your keys”

Trapped. Unhappy. Shackled. Frustration. Stress. Anxiety. Emptiness.  Dungeon.

Sound familiar?    Many others are feeling it too.

Get unshackled from the dungeon. Live a satisfying and JOY-filled life! It’s about taking charge of your life and taking action.  Permission to Live, The Four Keys and The Master Key are essential to your FREEDOM, FULFILLMENT  and JOY!

Your focus sharpens on your dreams, your passions, LIVING YOUR LIFE.  My experience, intuition and energy help you achieve your goals. Many of the answers are already inside of you. My job is to empower you in an objective, safe, supportive, reflective interaction to remove barriers and get un-stuck.   You will find your keys.  You will keep your keys.

   “Hope and Peace replaced apathy and disconnect.”   A.T.

How Does Mentoring Work?

It’s about YOU.    Your freedom, power, satisfaction.  Expressing yourself, your passions, sharing your gifts!

Mentoring is a process. Give yourself the time and attention you need to live your life!

It’s about YOU!  It’s both simple and powerful!  You will bring your agenda to our one-on-one session.

After each session you will have more understanding and clarity. This clarity will help in the steps of setting goals and planning your future. There may be homework assigned including self- reflection and/or challenges to stretch you beyond your comfort zone.

My Commitment — Your Empowerment, Your Freedom, Your Permission to Live!

A co-creative partnership to:

  • Clarity: Your goals and level of commitment
  • Emphasize and reflect your inner wisdom, your individual intuition
  • Increase Self-awareness, Improve every relationship in your life
  • Inspire and encourage your Highest and Best Self
  • Explore and develop a powerful action plan that works for you

As your Mentor, I will:

  • Listen compassionately
  • Encourage, Inspire, Reflect
  • Help you gain clarity in your life’s direction
  • Create a safe place for you to explore ideas and options
  • Acknowledge and support you in your wins and challenges
  • Remind you of your individual gifts and talents
  • Brainstorm with you to design strategies, action steps and methods of focus
  • Hold you accountable to make sure you live up to your full potential
  • Always be honest and direct
  • Maintain confidentiality