Speaking & Training

“Ray doesn’t hold your feet to the fire…

                        He lights the fire in your belly!”

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  • Increased achievement of performance standards
  • Enthusiasm and Personal Engagement
  • Efficiency and Effectiveness
    • Cohesiveness
    • Dramatically reduced time spent ‘fixing and correcting’
  • Revenue Growth via major improvement of:
    • Relationships with External and Internal customers
    • Cultivating Allies
    • Vendors

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Understanding individual accountability in professional setting is critical to team and personal success, AND, it is fulfilling to the individual.


  • “The 7 C’s of Leadership”  Seven Characteristics of Influential and Impactful Leaders.
  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ):  Understanding my Self.  Chosen response, not emotional reaction.
  • Engaged and Empowered individual & team employee training.  Understanding the satisfaction of being engaged toward team success.
  • Leading the Engaged and Empowered:  Learn to ‘light fires!’  Inspire and encourage your group as you remove old paradigms of leadership. Reduce your stress, lighten your workload and enjoy the fulfillment of your career.  “Be the moon that sways the rising tide that lifts all ships.” ~RB
  • Conflict Resolution: Seemingly insurmountable differences, internal, external and between organizations  evaporate as participants learn and live The Four Keys and The Master Key of conscious preference.
  • Customer Service: Internal and External  Managing expectations and exceeding them. Lighten workloads and enjoy career satisfaction. Staff – Client interactions will go from hostile and ambivalent toward enthusiastic and supportive.


Your group will sense that Ray is authentically committed to the success of others. He works with professionals who are ready to find their keys,  empowering themselves to stop being who they were and begin living who they are. Expanding vision, awakening brilliance, living a peaceful, satisfying life.

COULD YOU USE:  an Expert Explorer, inspiring and clarifying, intuitive and passionate.

 “Ray doesn’t hold your feet to the fire. He lights the fire in your belly!”

 The strength is in you. Together, you can explore and create the success you desire. Be prepared! His positive energy is absolutely contagious!

You will experience a dynamic force of upbeat energy. Audiences are engaged and truly moved by his message and delivery style.

To experience Ray and all he has to offer, contact him today!