Ray's most unique strength

Intuitiveness may be hard to define, but is absolutely invaluable in a coach or mentor. One of Ray’s most unique strengths is his perceptiveness when mentoring others. He helped us to get on track with a major marketing project, and he has provided priceless insight in the development of my own personal career. Most importantly, he listens and asks thought-provoking questions that provide fertile ground for the vision necessary to change the world – or at least your own.


Hope and Peace Replace Apathy and Disconnect

First of all, “Thank You.” I recognize when I act on thoughts and decisions that come from love, they usually are the right ones.

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to fly to Salt Lake last weekend and to get some answers for myself. Thank you so much for your time and insights as well. I really benefited from the “homework” you prepared for me in advance. I like your style and hope to continue working with you!


I am able to spend a larger percentage of my time in a peaceful, hopeful state of mind.

I have a profound sense of peace and hope after our meeting.

For lack of a better word I feel desire – the desire to offer [myself] the same kindness [ I ]give everyone else. Which is awesome, replacing the apathy that has long resided in my soul. You helped me wake up – feeling surrounded by love – awesome!

I feel hope more deeply than I have felt in a while.


Good Morning Friend

I can’t tell you how many times I use Ray’s words to help me out of a panic….and happy to know that I am making progress. I am working on speaking and acting out of love – still very difficult at times (esp with you-know who). I am able to spend a larger percentage of my time in a peaceful, hopeful state of mind.

Enjoy your day