When Life Gives You Apples

Bushels of ApplesI was so frustrated.

Here, metaphorically, I have a beautiful bushel basket full of gorgeous red apples. I’ve discovered that one of them is wormy.

“Happens every time,” I muttered.

I told anyone and everyone, “This wormy apple is ruining everything else. I can’t bake all of the wonderful pies that I’m supposed to bake in my life because I have to worry about this wormy apple. That old saying is wrong. One bad apple does spoil the bushel. And everything else in life, too.”

My mind was completely focused on the infested apple. It wasn’t my fault it has a worm, or who knows Apple Pie 1how many worms. But I’m not putting up with this. I will have a bushel full of beautiful red apples with no worm holes in order to create all of the fabulous pies that I need to make in my life.

The wormy apple became my obsession. I was restless, anxious and unproductive in every aspect of daily life. After several days I’d finally had enough. This had to stop. I need to talk to someone about how to ‘fix’ the wormy apple.

Being the author of The Four Keys, I knew that within me was the ‘key’ to solving my problem. Unfortunately, the solution wasn’t on the front of my brain that day, nor for the next two days. At last, I decided to journal about it. Then, while sleeping, I can let my Individual Intuition work with my subconscious mind toward the solution. After journaling, I fell into a deep sleep, confident that a ‘fix’ for the wormy apple was on the way.

I awoke between three and four in the morning. I was puzzled. It was not a ‘fix’ for the apple. But it is the solution.

I found myself whispering a dialogue with my subconscious self.

“I deserve worm-free apples,” I repeated for the umpteenth time. “I have to make the worlds best apple pies.”

“You’ve got a whole basket full of worm free apples,” countered my subconscious self.

“No I don’t. Can’t you see that one wormy one?!”

“No I can’t see it. But to hear you tell it, someone would believe that there’s only one apple in the entire basket, and it’s wormy. By the way, how many apples do you need?

“I’d like to have 48 to 52 apples to do everything that I want to do,” I answered.

Subconscious pressed me, “And, how many apples are in the basket?”

Sheepishly, I said, “There are 49, not counting the wormy one.”

“Okay…And where would you be if you’d simply dove in, working with the 49 apples making the best apple pie in the world?”

“That’s why I’m frustrated. Getting that one apple has messed up my life. I’ve had to worry about how to fix the wormy apple. If not for that wormy apple, I’d have made several pies by now.”

“Yes, you would have. And, you’d be enjoying the entire process of creating something amazing. You’d Apple Pie 3 less slicehave filled your home with the aroma of freshly baked apple pie. You’d have thrilled your taste buds and satisfied your tummy. Your heart and mind would be peacefully content.”

“True,” is all I could admit.

Subconscious continued, “What’s more, others would have noticed and been inspired by your experience, by your willingness and ability to focus on the 49 good apples and to happily make the best of each and every single one of them.”

This was something new to me. My subconscious let it soak in.

“Wow,” I lamented. “It’s kind of like I picked it up, held it high and shined bright lights on it for everyone to see. Raising a fuss, because everyone knows that I’m a good guy and I deserve good apples.

“It’s not ‘kind of like’ you’ve been doing that. It’s exactly what you’ve been doing. Others are even wondering if you have any good apples at all. And, if you do, why aren’t you spending your energy with them, magnifying the wonderful 49. Instead, you’re behaving as if a single wormy apple is the only thing in the basket.”

This awakening was painful.

“Ouch. It was me all along.” I shook my head, disappointed in my behavior. Then, I said, “I’ve been busy throwing a tantrum about this one apple. I could have been so much further along my path of happiness if I’d only focused on the 49. In fact, no one would have ever known about the one apple.”

“True,” Subconscious emphasized. “What’s more, you would have forgotten about it too. By now, it would be as if there was never a worm at all.”

Tears filled my sleepless eyes. I was flat on my back, as if in a coffin, full of regret for all of the relationships in my life where I observed other person to have 50 apples, but only 49 perfect.

As the morning sun began to seep into my room, I thought of all the business opportunities lost because I was focused on the single apple. I realized that my tendency to focus on the wormy apple has robbed me of the joy that comes with 49 gorgeous apples in every bushel of life.

The rising sun was the dawning of a new perspective that is totally changing my relationships, my business, my recreation. And with that change comes my happiness, my satisfaction, my joy.

I’m so grateful for the 49 apples!Apple Pie 2 slice of