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"Greatness comes to those with purpose and passion." ~ RB

  Unlocking your greatness in fulfilling your purpose and your passion  is my purpose and passion.

Envision your future and expand it!  Awaken to your brilliance and let it shine!

Be More Productive, Organized, and Confident

Put Your Talents and Skills to Work

Visualize Personal and Professional Success

Create a Plan to Get You Where You Want To Go

Hold You Accountable Every Step of the Way

About Ray

Ray Buttars
Whether by sharing his insight and experiences, or just by how he LIVES, Ray’s light is one that emboldens everyone around him.
Move Mountains: Ray’s ability to expand vision and awaken brilliance in others as an executive mentor, author, consultant and speaker is POWERFUL!
Experience and Insight from all walks of life.  Ray is a state champion athlete, this Idaho farm boy has been amazingly successful in every aspect of life, even coaching basketball.   He’s been a banker, chairman of state and national organizations, working in the western U.S. and Washington, D.C., and even a successful trade mission to Cuba.  Professionals from every walk of life appreciate his professional insight and ability to guide individuals to personal empowerment.
Friendly and passionate, Ray loves to live life!  Cycling, keeps him in shape, along with skiing, snowboarding, water sports, hiking, horseback riding,  and anything with a ball.
Put Ray to work for YOU!

Mentoring and Coaching

1:1  Executive Mentor

Career Coaching, a.k.a, "finding your keys" or "getting unshackled"
Get unshackled from the dungeon. Live a full and JOYful life!  It’s about taking charge of your life and taking action. Your focus sharpens on your dreams, your passions, LIVING YOUR LIFE. A partnership between you and me. We will get clarity on your dreams, your passions, your life.  My experience, intuition and energy will guide you to the answers already inside of you.  My job is to empower you in an objective, safe, supportive, reflective interaction to remove barriers and get you free to LIVE! I actively listen to what you say as well as what you don’t say!  (We all have blind spots in our own lives.)  I will share an objective view of the picture you paint as you present your challenge.  Often, this triggers your individual intuition and is just the impetus it takes to get you unshackled and empowered!   Suddenly, your goals seem to be coming toward you. YOUR FULL LIFE, RELATIONSHIPS, CAREER ARE NOW FULFILLING! It's about YOU!   It is an investment in YOU!

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Speaking & Training ~ “Ray doesn’t hold your feet to the fire. He lights the fire in your belly!”

Engaged, Inspired, Empowered:

Individual accountability in a team setting is critical to team and personal success, AND, it is fulfilling to the individual.


Ray Buttars is an executive mentor, author, certified professional coach, speaker, facilitator and a true believer in the human spirit!

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Permission to Live

permission-to-live Permission to Live, is a novel which tells the story of one man's path to "filling the vacancy", which remains for so many of us who've achieved a level of material or professional success and cultural or religious conformity, yet still feel a hole.  A very full life which is very unfulfilling. It opens with a recurring epiphany that, perhaps, you too, have felt: A realization that achievement is not gratifying to the whole person.  Further, the main character is battling a one of life’s most difficult decisions:   “It was something that I knew to be wrong, yet my heart couldn’t be more certain that it was right.” Readers are engaged, connecting with the emotion-stirring, life-like situations and characters, and will be inspired and empowered as the story unfolds.  Experiences with a “witch,” challenges with family, career and community, as well as learning opportunities with counselors, coaches and people from every day life contribute to the life-lessons of the story. As in his mentoring, with this introspective novel Ray teaches his concepts of The Four Keys and The Master Key. Concepts which can unshackle individuals, relationships and groups, enabling Permission to Live.